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This blog is designed to help financial service professionals identify, understand, and capitalize on planning opportunities that exist or arise due to market conditions or tax law.


After a pretty extensive search of the Internet, I was surprised to find little evidence of any blogs dealing primarily with effective sales strategies for those who deal daily with retail clients on financial matters.  So I decided to do it.  Regarding content, I won't hit you in your wheelhouse with every blog, but I hope that every so often I nail one dead center for you and your specialties.


We are committed to using creativity, innovation, and real-world expertise in delivering the best information, products and services to you that generate easy-to-understand solutions to complex financial issues.


We wish you continued success in your practice.

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About Bob Ritter

Robert B. Ritter, Jr. is the President/CEO of InsMark, a software company established in 1983 that provides illustration software and related marketing services for the insurance and financial services industry.  Prior to the formation of InsMark, Bob had been an agent and general agent with Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company followed by several years as an independent broker (where he was a consistent qualifier for the insurance industry’s most exclusive marketing groups ? the MDRT’s Top Of The Table and the International Forum).


At InsMark, the goal is to develop software and support services which help financial service professionals identify, understand, and capitalize on planning opportunities that exist or arise due to market conditions or tax law.


Bob has been in life insurance sales and sales management for over four decades.  He started with Mass Mutual in northern New Jersey and at age 26, he was appointed General Agent by Mass Mutual in Oakland, California ? the youngest General Agent ever appointed by that company.  Three years later he took over a New York City agency for Mass Mutual where he was twice awarded the National Manpower Award, the company’s most prestigious award for the development of sales leaders.


A past member of the MDRT Foundation’s Board of Directors, Bob was also a member of the Split Dollar Sub-Task Force of the Association of Advanced Life Underwriters (AALU) during the lead-up to the Final Split Dollar Regulations issued in 2003.  He is also the Founder and Past President of the Diablo Advocates, an organization dedicated to youth opportunities.


Bob graduated from The Lawrenceville School and from Williams College with a degree in Psychology.  While at Williams, he also played lead cornet in the first college jazz band ever to play in Carnegie Hall.  Called the Spring Street Stompers, this Dixieland jazz group won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout show on CBS (#1 in the ratings at the time), appeared on the Tonight show on NBC, and played frequently at the top jazz clubs in Boston and New York.


Bob has been married for 36 years and has 5 daughters and 23 grandchildren so when he’s not working; he’s pretty busy with his ever growing family.



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